Flint Farm is first and foremost a vegetable farm!

From approximately early-mid July to as late as we can in October (that predictably unpredictable New England weather can be tricky…), Flint Farm offers a variety of vegetables, fresh-picked daily.

Stay tuned for updates about corn and other veggie sales - our farm stand opens as soon as the corn is ready.  

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During the summer and fall seasons, our farm stand is open daily from 9:00-6:00.

Flint Farm grows and sells…
sweet corn
tomatoes (tomatoes typically are available 1-2 weeks AFTER corn comes in)
summer squash
goldrush squash (meaty like a zucchini, less water like a summer squash)
green peppers (a variety of peppers (red, yellow, orange) become available later in the growing season)
purple peppers (sweeter than a green, not as sweet as a red)
pickling cucumbers
green beans
basil plants
cut flower bouquet and arrangements

Other products include…
raw honey (made from hives located on Flint Farm!)
maple syrup (locally produced, specific location may vary)
a variety of fruits (locally produced, specific farm locations may vary)

All product availability may vary based on growing season conditions and/or popular demand.