Flint Farm offers Firewood, Stakes, Hay etc.


Flint Farm has seasoned firewood available for delivery in cords and half cords.  Please call if you are interested in ordering firewood for the 2018 season.

Firewood is available regularly in the farm’s wood boxes, located near the exit of the main parking lot.

$12.00/square: Payment for wood box firewood should be placed in the slotted box on the right side of the wood boxes.

Please do not block the exit to the lot or the driveway when accessing wood boxes. Thank you!

Flint Farm offers the following products throughout all seasons...

3 ft. Stakes (25/bundle) – $12.50

4 ft. Stakes (25/bundle) - $15.00

Construction/Mulch Hay - $4.00/bale (inquire about delivery)

Concrete Bounds (3 ft.) - $28.00 each